Stone Fort Camp #1944

Nacogdoches, Texas

John Adolphus Gartrell Wynne

John Adolphus Gartrell Wynne enlisted on March 10, 1862 at Fairfield, Texas. The 12th Texas Infantry, Youngs Regiment, Company I  by Lt. Brodley for a period of one year.  He was discharged on June 2, 1862 as he was over 35 years old and was due pay for his service time.  

His brother, William Wynne, was killed at the Second Battle of Manasas, which was fought between August 28-30, 1862.

He was killed in 1878  by a freed black man while lookin for work.  The perpetrator, an ex-convict name Johnson, was captured by one or more other freed black men about 8 miles out of Mexia.  The captor(s) were paid $100 by John's wife. 

Stone Fort Camp

Sons of Confederate Veterans    

Nacogdoches, Texas

Commander: Doug Dickey   

Adjutant: Dudley Mosele