Stone Fort Camp #1944

Nacogdoches, Texas


Nacogdoches County

Old North Church Cemetery                                   47 Confederate graves

Oak Grove Cemetery                                                     Numerous CSA graves

Blue Spring Cemetery

Melrose Baptist Church Cemetery

McKnight Cemetery                                                       Numerous CSA graves

Swift Cemetery                                                                   Numerous CSA graves

Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery                        19 Confederate graves

Lone Star Cemetery

Lower Chireno Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery                                                 15 Confederate graves

Helpenstill Cemetery                                                      2 Confederate graves

Upper Chireno Cemetery                                            4 Confederate graves

Black Jack Cemetery                                                       4 Confederate graves

Barnes Cemetery

Procella Cemetery

Old Union Cemetery

Moroney Cemetery

Harmony Cemetery

Cold Springs Cemetery

Sacul Cemetery

Old Moss Cemetery                                                         Numerous CSA graves

Union Springs Cemetery                                                1 Confederate grave

Fenton Cemetery                                                                   2 Confederate graves

Pine Grove Cemetery                                                        6 Confederate graves

Spring Ridge Cemetery                                                   1 Confederate grave

Jacobs Chapel Cemetery                                             10 Confederate graves

Fairview Cemetery                                                           27 Confederate graves

Cove Spring Cemetery                                                      1 Confederate grave

Simpson Campground Cemetery                           4 Confederate graves

Friendship Cemetery                                                          4 Confederate graves

Lower Melrose Cemetery                                               4 Confederate graves

Lowery-Grimes-Smyrna Cemetery                       1 Confederate grave

Old Smyrna Cemetery                                                        4 Confederate graves

Redland Cemetery                                                                 3 Confederate graves

Rocky Mount Cemetery                                                     1 Confederate grave

Rusk County

Barksdale-Young Cemetery

Bethel Cemetery                                                                  Numerous CSA graves

Blackjack Cemetery

Buckner Cemetery

Cool Spring Cemetery

Crow Cemetery                                                                     Numerous CSA graves

Davis cemetery

Ebenezer Cemetery

Edmondson/Old Town Cemetery

Elkins/Bagley Cemetery

Fortson Cemetery

Foster Cemetery

Gatlin-Matlock Cemetery                                            Numerous CSA graves

Glenfawn Cemetery

Goodsprings Duncan Cem

Graham-Hall Cemetery

Grant Cemetery

Harmony Hill Cemetery                                              25 Confederate graves 

Hickory Grove Cemetery

Hollemon Cemetery

Hunt Cemetery

Isabell Chapel Cemetery                                              Numerous CSA graves

Laneville Cemetery

Lewis Cemetery

Liberty Cemetery

Little Cemetery

Lloyd Cemetery

Lyles Sanders Cemetery

Maple Grove Cemetery                                                  Numerous CSA graves

McCarter Cemetery

Millville Cemetery

Mt Tabor Indian Cemetery                                          Numerous CSA graves

Moyers Cemetery

Neeley Cemetery

New Prospect Cemetery                                               Numerous CSA graves

Old City Cemetery-Henderson                                Numerous CSA graves

Old Minden Cemetery

Old Prospect Cemetery                                                  Numerous CSA graves

Old Shiloh Cemetery                                                         Numerous CSA graves

Overton City Cemetery

Peatown Cemetery

Pine Grove Cemetery

Pine Hill Baptist Cemetery

Pine Hill Cemetery

Pine Hill Methodist Cemetery

Pirtle Baptist Cemetery

Pirtle Methodist Cemetery

Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Rocky Mount Cemetery

Ross Family Cemetery

Strong Cemetery

Welch Cemetery

Wright Cemetery

Zion Hill Cemetery

Joe Allport

                  Capt. Samuel A. Willson                                      1st Texas Regiment, Co. F

                                                                                                                             Woodville Rifle

                  Pvt. Andrew J. Gardner                                        10th Tenn. Cavalry   Co. E

                    Pvt. Robert T. Buchanan                                      50th  Tenn. Infantry  Co. B

John Ash

                  Pvt. John Nathaniel Ash                                       11th Texas Infantry Co. E

                   1st. Lt. John Thomas Anderson                                     

Richard Bright

                   Nathaniel Walker Baily                                        24th Georgia Infantry

Marcus Brown

                   John B. McClure                                                           13th Regiment

Billy Curbow

                 Pvt. T.P. Curbow                                                          Nelson’s 2nd Texas Cavalry  

                                                                                                                              Texas State Troopers

Douglas Dickey

                  Cpl. Samuel Dickey                                                   27th Texas Cavalry Co. D

                    Pvt. Louis Pepper                                                       12th Texas Infantry

                    Capt. James W. White                                             Gambrell Scouts

                    Pvt. Joesph M. White                                               1st Mississippi Infantry

                    Pvt. William  Columbus Hooks                      9th Texas Infantry Co. 

                    Pvt. James Darius Hooks                                    9th Texas Infantry Co. D 

Rusty Harrison

                    Pvt. J.W. Harrison                                                       10th (Johnson’s) Kentucky  Cavalry Co. E

                    Pvt. Alexander Beck                                                  2nd Regiment Texas Infantry Co. D

Paul Hearn

                  Pvt. Leroy Nelson Dewitt                                     22nd Texas Regimental Cavalry Co. F

Earl Herrera

                    Jose Herrera                                                                 3rd Brigade  Co. B

                                                                                                                             Texas State Troopers

Shaun Ireland

                   Lt. Col. William Gunn Engledow                     11th Texas Infantry Co. C

                                                                                                                               Nacogdoches Regiment

Dudley Mosele

                   Sgt. Robert L. Paterson                                          14th Texas Cavalry (Dismounted) Co. C

                   Middleton Tate Patterson                                    14th Texas Cavalry (Dismounted) Co. C

                   Colonel Middleton Tate Johnson                    14th Texas Cavalry (Dismounted)

Michael Pickard

                   Pvt. Noel Craig Pickard                                        Miss. Infantry Reserve (Capt. Berry’s Co.)

                   Pvt. William Levi Pickard                                    Miss. Infantry Reserve (Capt. Berry’s Co.)

James Wynne

                  Lewis Matlock                                                                Diamond Co.

                    Adolphus Wynne                                                        12th Texas Infantry

                    William Bedingfield                                                 Prisoner of War R.I. Prison

                    Oliver Carter                                                                  3rd Alabama Cavalry

Stone Fort Camp

Sons of Confederate Veterans    

Nacogdoches, Texas

Commander: Doug Dickey   

Adjutant: Dudley Mosele