Stone Fort Camp #1944

Nacogdoches, Texas

About The Stone Fort Camp

The Primary Objective of the Stone Fort Camp #1944 is to develop and expand the positive exposure and perception of the Confederate Veteran in Nacogdoches and its surrounding communities.

Activities of the Camp

A Tale Of Two Soldiers

In today’s politically correct environment, it apparently is acceptable to destroy monuments, desecrate graves, destroy reputations and ignore true history.  Judging people that lived in earlier times by current mores is not only acceptable but expected. It provides the basis for totally rewriting the honor, contributions and moral character of our ancestors. Most often done by people that have no factual understanding of where and from whom they came.

This is a story of two opposing soldiers who left their animosity on the  battlefield. If only we could do the same today.

* A correction to the article, their graves are on Find A Grave

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About The SCV

Our Stone Fort Camp Compatriot is Co-Author of the book “Texans at Antietam”. 

For a signed copy, click the link below

Stone Fort Camp

Sons of Confederate Veterans    

Nacogdoches, Texas

Commander: Doug Dickey   

Adjutant: Dudley Mosele